K40 Autofocus system


  • Up to 36 mm lenses travel distance
  • Up to 500 mm/sec lenses focus speed
  • Up to 0,1 mm accuracy
  • Standalone electronics control, can be installed at any laser cutter machine
  • Easy to install, simple for using
  • Can be used with 12, 18, 20 mm lenses
  • Panasonic CMOS type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C1100, Measuring range ±35mm 1.328 in; Repeatability 70 μm 2.756 mil.

Kit parts: Autofocus laser head, laser sensor, control electronics, wires.

Preorder available. First batch of devices sold out. Waiting delivery components for second batch. Next batch will be available at April 2022.

Full kit 650$ without delivery.

More details available at telegram @aleyrobotics or Email: